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Tattoo Infection

What is a Tattoo? Tattoos have become immensely popular among the young generation. It has been noted that tattoo does not causes any problem in most of the people. ┬áBut in some cases, tattoo causes infections. A tattoo generally refers to a series of small wounds on skin made using tattoo machine that helps penetrating […]

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Carpenter Ants

Appearance and Behavior of Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants are considered to be among those that belong to the largest ant species in the world, with a scientific name of Camponotus. They are found to be domestic inhabitants in forested areas and are believed to multiply there and form greater families of their generation by forming […]

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Thecal Sac

What is Thecal Sac? Thecal sac is one of the most significant parts of the body. It is the cover of the Spinal Cord of the body. It has the very important Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). There are many nerve roots as well, at the Thecal Sac. This is the protective layer of the Spinal Cord. […]

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